Adoption Process

Flori's Friends is a UK Registered Charity -  1177365.

To adopt an animal we ask that you fill out an enquiry form or email us at stating the name of the animal you are interested in.

A member of the team will then contact you to set up a home check

A registered home checker will then call you to arrange a date and time that suits you. Home checks are not scary and are in fact are very reassuring. Most of our home checkers know a lot about rescuing a foreign dog and will be able to offer you some valuable advice and answer any questions you may have. They will also be local to you!

The main things that we look for at home checks are:

  • A secure garden to prevent theft
  • A safe home environment
  • A loving owner

Don’t worry we are not looking for clean cups and dust free surfaces 🙂

Once the check is complete we will e-mail you to let you know how everything went.

We will then proceed by sending you an invoice to secure your adoption and book in a travel date that suits you.

Many adopters are scared that adopting a foreign dog is risky in case they arrive sick.

This is not the case. All of our animals have been signed off as ‘fit to travel’ by a vet who has performed all the necessary health checks and blood tests. Each dog is then vaccinated (for 12 months), microchipped , flead and wormed. They are then issued a lifetime passport for adopters to keep and inside this are records of all of their vaccinations, wormers and flea treatments for adopters to put on record at their vets. A sick dog will never travel. If a dog has any prior trauma we will always disclose this on the website adoptions page.

We follow all rules set out by DEFRA, as do our transport company and each animal is quarantined for the necessary 48hours at a TRACE kennel once in the UK.

Dogs and cats leave Romania on Tuesdays and arrive in the UK on Thursdays, where they go into quarantine and are then ready to be collected by their new owners on Saturdays.

The only thing adopters need worry about is collecting their fluffy and we do all the rest. Each animal is allocated a drop off or kennel collection as close as possible to the adopter to reduce travel time when collecting new family members.

Flori’s Friends also has a Facebook support group for adopters to join where adopters can share stories.

This is a great community of people who have all gone through the same experience and are more than happy to provide any needed support. Flori’s Friends admins are also within this group to provide continued support for adopters and give any needed advice.

So, don’t be scared, adopt don’t shop!