AJ – In Hounslow

**Available to meet in Hounslow** see videos in comments!

Meet AJ, a fantastic chap that has found himself looking for a forever home,

He is currently in residential boarding with our trainer in Hounslow to ensure he can be the best possible dog for his new owner

AJ is a big softie and is fab with kids, dogs and people....he is good on and off lead and is currently in foster with 4 other dogs that he likes to run around and play with. His trainer best describes his personality as that of GSD puppy. He has just started playing with toys and has begun really enjoying just being a dog...he was previously chained to wall for his entire young life so has come an awfully long way with regards to being a well rounded pet. He is VERY playful with dogs and is best homed with medium or larger sized dogs that can match his play.

AJ is a cross between what we think is a GSD, New Foundland and something a little smaller (he is a large breed but he isn't huge)....he has that typical GSD personality so his ideal owner would be someone strong minded with their approach to dogs and one that understands the GSD breed mentality and has had them before....if he is not given firm boundaries..he will push his luck.

This chap is not at all a nervous dog, if anything he can be over confident at times. He is not over vocal but is vocal at the door and when he plays/wants to play. He will never instigate anything negative with another dog but if he is started on he will defend himself (like most other GSD types)....

Those considering AJ would need to understand he is a large breed, needs exercise and has the loyalty and mentality of a GSD. He is not the type of dog that needs to be pampered or babied he is a strong, loyal, loving companion that needs to just be a dog. This boy will make the right person a FANTASTIC companion. He really is a gem, everyone who meets him loves him. He is 1 years old, healthy, neutered, chipped and vaccinated and comes with support form his trainer post adoption.

Anyone interested in AJ is welcome to come and meet him, you won't be disappointed!

Please get in touch if you can offer our lovely chap a forever family of his very own!