Meet our beautiful Greek boy Barry,

Barry is approximately 8 years old and is mix of what we think are a few hunting breeds. He was found abandoned - and starved - in the outskirts of Athens. He was rescued and placed into a foster home and  is a healthy middle-aged/mature boy who is slowly putting on weight steadily. He was rescued mid December and was 18kgs and today he weighs 23 kgs.  Barry is fab with female dogs and people but needs a little helping hand when greeting male dogs - he is NOT aggressive just can be a bit put out if they interrupt his smelling and get in his face - he will give them a bark. He is toilet trained and currently beginning his training for lead walking. He is ideal for a house with a garden as he loves to scent sniff and he will be a moderate walker - not too much exercise. He really enjoys being petted by people. 

We really hope Barry is no overlooked due to his age!

Please get in touch if you can offer this boy a chance