**Available to Meet in Chartham Hatch, Kent**
Meet 10 month old fluff ball Belinda,
Belinda is a lazy baby and likes to lounge around most of the day. She will be fine as an indoor cat or an outdoor cat - adopters wanting her as an outdoor cat will need to have a cat flap and not live near a busy road.
Belinda is an independent lady and does not rely on human cuddles to be happy so she is totally fine to live with people who work full time. She does enjoy being petted and iwll sit on the sofa with you and can be picked up and held with no issues, she just doesn't seek it out,
She will be fine in a home with a calm dog or cat - she just ignores the other animals at the shelter, doesn't react, attack or hiss.
Adopters need to be mindful that cats can be very nervous in the transition period and may hide for a few days.....time and patience is needed when settling in a rescue cat.
Please get in touch if you would like to come and meet Belinda