Biscuit – In Kent


Meet 4 month old Biscuit,

A darling girl who found herself motherless on the harsh winter streets. She has been safe in rescue a while now and is a sociable girl...she is fine with dogs and shares a kennel with a large litter of puppies. She is also fine with all humans she comes into contact with and is happy to receive attention and affection. Cats are also not a problem for Biscuit ...She is a very calm girl.

This girl is a sweet little thing with a face that would melt anyones heart... as you can see in the video in the comments she is a little less confident than all the other puppies and stays at the back .... adopters will need to be mindful of this and that she has grown up in a kennel and has not had any basic training..

Biscuit is a typical pup who enjoys running around and playing with her friends. We don't see her growing to be a big girl at all...maybe a small/ small/medium size dog...she is currently still very small (4kg) .

She requires an adopter who has the time and patience to settle in and train a street dog and understand these dogs are not like normal puppies and may have small hurdles they need to overcome. Adopters will be under contract to take Biscuit to puppy classes to ensure she continues to grow into a well rounded dog.

Please get in touch with us if you can offer this little girl a place to call home. She is in our Romanian shelter and ready to travel direct to a UK forever home.