Meet fluffy Cleo,
She was abandoned on a field and very scared, she must have been there quite sometime. The vet estimates her as 3 years old - she did have a microchip but was obviously unwanted by the she must have been a pet at some point.
Cleo was extremely timid when rescued by after given a few days to settle she was absolutely fine future adopter would have to be mindful that she may be the same during the settling in period.
She is a small girl (7kg) and well natured with both cats and dogs, although at times a tad shy with them. She will be fine in a multi pet household. Now she is comfortable at the shelter she is a really happy go lucky girl and will be the same after a little time in a new home.
We would like to see cleo adopted by someone who has a bit of experience with rescues to ensure she is allowed plenty of time to get comfortable.
Please get in touch if you could be that special someone for Cleo.