Freddie -In London

**Available to meet in London (Richmond upon-thames)
Meet Freddie,
A REAL special boy, an unwanted pet who was due to be put down!
Freddie is 3 years of age, healthy, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped ....
Fred is special because he is deaf...this most certainly does NOT stop him from being a normal dog. He has been in foster for a little while now and has regular sessions with his trainer who has totally helped to transform him. Freddie's adoption fee will include a couple of free sessions with his trainer and adopters MUST agree to this - as it is the best way to ensure he settles perfectly into his forever home (especially as he has already learnt hand signals)
Freddie is dog friendly, especially with dogs thats are bigger than him. He is friendly with all humans and is a really love bug....all he ever wants to do is curl up and have a cuddle with you!
He is a very bouncy dog who gets excited when you show him the lead but he understands how to walk on it. Fred is also good off the lead (due to his deafness he is only to be let off in an enclosed area) - he will keep looking to check where you are and is trained with hand signals so knows what they mean when you give them - he will return to a specific hand signal when off lead.
He is a very gentle boy, and has no issues around food (he has yet to put on a few more KG as he was quite heavily under weight on arrival into rescue) . He is fabulous with children of all ages and is fine around all food, treats and toys. Fred especially likes young children and will rush over to give them kisses immediately. His most favourite thing to do is chasing bubbles (when the foster's nephew blows them out the packet)
Freddie can cower sometimes if you go to touch his head too fast but isn't aggressive. He doesn't like being left alone for long periods and get very whiny so an adopter who is home a fair bit is better suited 🙂 He is just starting to learn to not chew!
As you can see from he write up a LOT of time has been spent on getting to know Freddie, training him and making sure his needs will be met in a future home.
FULL support will be provided throughout his life from the rescue, his trainer and foster to make sure both adopter and dog are happy.
Please get in touch if you would like to come and meet this little angel!