How your new pet travels

Flori’s Friends work together with Eli Pet Transport to ensure all animals are cared for at the highest standard possible when travelling to their forever homes. They provide an impeccable service and do everything possible to ensure all animals are cared for whilst in transit.

Each van has a full time nanny that makes sure each animal on board is fed, watered and loved. Air-conditioning is also provided on board. It is important to minimise stress whilst in transit and Eli Pets do this at the highest levels and are very well respected and trusted in the industry. 

All vans are fully approved according to international laws for long haul journeys carrying live animals and all travel attendants and drivers are certified for long haul journeys carrying live animals.

Eli Pet Transport is a fundraiser of Eli for Animals, registered charity CIF 31967983, founded in the memory of Eli, a wonderful soul who is now running free in a better place.

We would like to Thank Eli Pets for their dedication to saving Romanian animals, their professionalism and the outstanding service they provide to all of our animals in transit.