Kacey – In Kent


Meet our chubster Kacey,

A real cute little fatty....yes you guessed it, she's a tad lazy and not overly active although she DOES have her bursts of crazy play with other dogs and humans. Kacey is also fine with cats and will slot in well into a multi- pet household or equally as the only dog given the fact that she likes human attention.

Kacey can be shy with a new person for around 2-3 minutes , once you hand her a treat she is fine and is ready for strokes. Kacey is REALLY struggling with kennel life and has progressively become sadder...we would really like to see her in a home of her own.

She is around 30-35cm tall and between 7-8kg (although its safe to say she probably should be around 6kg) and 2 years old.

Kacey requires an adopter with the time and patience to settle in and train a street dog and someone with 110% commitment to adopting.

Please get in touch if you would like to come and meet this little fluff ball

Please get in touch with us if you think you can offer this little fatty a place to call home