Lilly (male) – In Buckinghamshire

**Available to meet in High Wycombe**
Meet Lilly (a boy),
His original owner thought he was a girl when she got him but the name stuck.
Lilly was born in April 2012 and is looking for his forever home. Sadly he is needing to be rehomed due to being very unhappy living in a maisonette (without outdoor access, something he is normally used to) with a dog that isn't reacting well to him.
He will need a home that can allow him access to the outside as he loves sitting gin the garden watching all the birds. Lilly is best homed with either another cat or a small, calm dog....he is overly stressed with the bigger barkier dog in the home who barks at him when he wants fuss from his owner.... lilly doesn't retaliate to being barked at but just gets scared and walks off.
He is a very loving cat, who adores cuddling up to you and demands lots of strokes when you are nearby but he is not so keen on being picked up without choice.
He doesn't scratch furniture and is litter box trained. He is vaccinated, neutered and healthy (except from a very minor heart murmur which he was born with and the vet said is so low grade it is nothing to worry about- no medication required for this at all)
Please get in touch if you can offer Lilly and environment he is happy in, he really is not happy where he is at the moment.