10 month old Luca is looking for a place to call home,

You truly wont be bored with this little fella around, he is so incredibly friendly and full of life.

He is fantastic with people, dogs and cats and is a good all rounder. He would make a good addition to a multi-pet household as he really enjoys playing with other dogs.

Luca is a small dog and is around 6kg and not expected to grow more. He is fine being left alone but does not like being left alone in a crate he gets a little upset and begins to cry.

This special fella only has 3 legs but this doesn't stop him running, playing and tearing around with the other fosters in any way shape or form. He has bene given a clean bill of health and has adapted unbelievably quickly.

Luca requires an adopter with the time and patience to settle in a train a street dog and understand they require a level of work to settle down.

Luca is in foster in Macedonia and ready to travel direct to a UK forever home

Please get in touch if you like the look of this little chap