Miki is 2 years old and a really gentle girl who is very social with other dogs and really enjoys being around them. She can also be playful at times and is crate trained . She is an absolutely fantastic girl with so much love to give. Miki is shy with people she doesn't know but is totally non aggressive. We would prefer to see her in a home with another confident dog that she can learn from....with a bit of time with a confident dog she will most definitely lose the shyness .
She is not a big girl at all - 12kg and 40-45cm tall and will not grow any bigger. We would really like to see Miki in a home of her very own with an understand adopter who has a bit of experience with shy natured dogs. She has so much to give if someone would just give her that chance. Kennels is no fun for this girl .
It is important adopters understand she is an ex street dog and will require some understanding. In the right home Miki will make a golden dog, the foundations are all there she just needs a home environment rather than a shelter to give her those final building blocks. 
She is in our Romanian shelter and ready to travel to a UK forever home anytime.
Please get in touch if you can offer this girl a place to call home after all this time.