Meet 1 year old Toby,

Toby was sadly a victim of poisoning and miraculously survived and now has a full, clean bill of health! And guess what, he is still the most loving, playful and affectionate pooch you could ever meet.

Toby is around 17-18kg and will not grow any bigger. He is fantastic with other dogs and would make a great addition to a multi pet household. He has a playful nature to him and is always wagging his tail. Humans are a joy to be around for Toby and he can now even walk on the lead  He is very good with children too. 

This happy chappy is rather playful so an active home would suit him that can offer him some cool outdoor adventures on the weekend.

How can you resist Toby's smile!

He requires an adoption with the time and patience to settle in and train a street dog and someone who has 110% commitment to a rescue dog.

Please get in touch if you can offer Toby a forever home of his very own. He is at our Macedonian base and ready to travel direct to a UK forever home