Did someone say Golden oldie?!
Meet Winston....this chap has spent an awfully long time in Kennels and is the kennel mate of Captain (also up for adoption)
Winston is a 30kg, 9/10 yrs old and big friendly giant who finds life a little tough in the you can see from his before and after photos he came from a real hell hole kill unit and has come a long way since receiving some TLC.
Winston is a very calm natured boy and not very playful. A wise dog who is good with other dogs, in particular females. He has been at the shelter a while now and most prefers to be around submissive males, small males, or any female...he has never shown any teeth, never growled or bitten at another dog and has been tested with many ..the large alpha dogs we put in front of him he just does a lot more sniffing and will stand taller.
Winston is human friendly and really appreciates human touch and affection. Him and Captain don't move around their kennel much at all and tend to stand in one corner hoping someone will notice them. This is a really special boy who is so deserving a forever home. Winston is has no health conditions!
He requires an adopter with a little experience in rescue dog ownership and someone who has the time, patience and commitment for an ex street dog.
Please get in touch if you can offer our old boy Winston a forever home outside of a cold kennel. He is in our Romanian shelter and ready to travel direct to a UK forever home