Meet our girl Wonder,
For months now no one has shown interest in her and instead of being in a warm bed at home she is stuck in a vet clinic.
Wonder is sadly blind but has adapted very well and can find her way around a home much faster than you may think.
She is friendly with both cats and dogs and would really enjoy a cat or dog friend....she would also be fine as the only pet. We would love to see this girl in a home that doesn't have loud young children and can keep her as an indoor cat.
Wonder is very affectionate with humans and will curl up for a cuddle and ask for a stroke. She adapts fast and will be a very loving companion to the right family. 
Wonder has no health issues, is 11 months old and is in our Romanian shelter ready to travel to a direct UK home.
Please get in touch if you can offer this girl a bed of her very own