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Let's Get Fundraising

Could you Fundraise for Flori’s?

With lockdowns easing, we’re looking for help with our fundraising. We’ve got some big plans to enable us to rescue even more animals that desperately need our care, so if you like to set yourself a challenge, then please think about doing it for Flori’s!

Peaches gaining strength and weight

Meet Peaches

Peaches has spent her whole life tied to a short chain, starved and beaten day in, day out – she is 8 years old and has spent all her life enduring a living hell. Now she is finally free and ready to find her forever home.

Giselle the disabled dog with prosthetic leg

Giselle’s journey to walk again

Giselle has now received her prosthetic leg and is undergoing hydrotherapy to strengthen her chest.

See how she’s getting on with gaining some of her mobility back.

Pets at Home VIP club

Support us when you shop at Pets at Home

Help support Flori’s Friends Rescue every time you shop at Pets at Home, the Groom Room, Vets 4 Pets or Companion Care.

Jack the cat with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

Cats with FIV needing forever homes

Whilst there is no cure, cats with FIV can have a similar life expectancy to cats without the disease and make very happy indoor companions, for those that are looking for an indoor only cat.

Bramble the disabled dog

Bramble’s Story

Bramble was discovered in Romania with a broken spine and therefore paralysed. He underwent a double rear amputation over there, but unfortunately suffered a number of healing complications and so was transferred to us to continue his care.

bruno post surgery

Bruno’s story

Sadly, our lovely Bruno has had to be put to sleep. The complexities of his condition were just too much for him to manage in the end and the kindest thing to do was to let him go.


Appeal to help dog left with only one working leg after horrific accident

Giselle is our most complex case to date. After suffering a horrendous accident she’s been left with just one working leg.

Daisy getting comfy after surgery

Daisy’s Story

A very sad message, regarding our golden oldie Daisy, who was run down by a car and left at the side of the road for 4 days.

Pet Portrait competition FB (1)

WIN a Pet Portrait!

Win an A3 Pet Portrait of your adored pet from the incredibly talented Sarah Mirfin Art!