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Alaska is one of our toughest cases to date and has been in rescue for two years.

This little girl came into rescue a complete mess of a dog. She was so fear aggressive no one could get near her. The vets condemned her to euthanasia and no one had any faith in this poor girl. We suspect this girl has been badly beaten and abused due to the sheer terror in her eyes when she arrived. Two years later Alaska is still a nervy dog but is enjoying life on one of our rural trainer’s land.

We hope one day we can move her to a sanctuary somewhere she can live in a pack and just be herself, but until then we are paying a weekly bill to keep her in her training placement where she is safe and happy. Alaska costs the rescue around £70 per week to keep in placement. She continues to go the right way every day but she cannot be rushed and we can only hope for a miracle one day that maybe a sanctuary will agree to take her in, as she is only 2 years old.

By sponsoring Alaska you will help us keep her safely placed.

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