Bowie – Kent

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Meet 4 year old Bowie (Bo for short)

A healthy girl who is a complete cuddle monster. She absolutely adores all humans and will do anything for a cuddle! She is extremely loving and intelligent, a real emotional support dog. Bowie’s current owners are absolutely heartbroken to find themselves in the position where they now have to re-home her as she is such a special girl. The reason for re-home is a new born baby, which Bowie doesn’t seem overly comfortable around (although has never hurt or done anything to the baby)

She is very playful and loves her toys and a nice long walk, although she equally enjoys her down time and a good old snooze on the bed!

She is super affectionate and loves sitting on your lap for cuddles and smothering you in kisses. She’s the kind of dog who loves climbing into bed in the morning for a cuddle and makes a very good little spoon! She is great with new people and loves all the attention. Due to Bowie loving all the attention to herself, she can get a little jealous and needs to be the only dog in the home.

She is house trained, can be left alone and never touches anything that isn’t hers. She has never caused any damage or had any accidents! She is very vocal and likes to “talk” and has a good bark on her. She can on some occasions be reactive to other dogs when out on walks and due to this, she is currently walked on a long lead.  She has come a long way with her current owners but they feel it would be irresponsible at this stage in her training to let her off the lead. They have found that she is less reactive in busy places such as towns and beaches. Bowie cannot live with cats or small furries (unless small furries are in cages etc)

Bowie responds best to a calm, gentle but firm approach

If you think you could offer Bowie her forever home, please get in touch.

Home check and adoption fees apply

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