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**Available to meet in Ramsgate, Kent**


Meet Dillon,

A truly very special boy who was badly let down by his owners. He is only 2 years old and has been through an awful lot in his little life. This boy has come on leaps and bounds under the care of our staff and trainer and has turned himself right around and proven to be a very good dog.

Dillon has the sweetest soul and the most golden heart and will be so very loving and loyal to his new owner. When you come home he will greet you tail wagging and cuddle ready. Dillon’s life began as a stray puppy, he was handed into rescue and adopted out to a home that did not do any work with him whatsoever (training, socialisation etc). This chap also needed double luxating patella surgery which the owners refused to do so he was handed into us along with a ¬£7000 surgery bill and a 7 week recovery. The poor boy was in so much pain and had to be handed into for immediate surgery with a bunch of strangers he didn’t know and our hearts broke for him .He has now had had all of his surgery and has made a full recovery with absolutely no future implications to his health so please do not be put off by this. He is neutered vaccinated, ¬†chipped etc and ready to find his forever home.

We have put our absolute ALL into Dillon. He came in some time ago now, terrified of strangers, dogs, cars, other dogs and was fear reactive. He has now been properly socialised and trained as is a far more confident and well rounded dog who enjoys his walks and meeting new people. Given the amount of hard work that has gone into him we are looking for an experienced, quiet home that will LISTEN to his trainer when they meet him and continue to look after him in the way he has been so that he continues to be a happy, well behaved boy.

Any home adopting Dillon, will get LIFETIME free access to his trainer via the rescue (irrelevant of the cost to us). Dillon is honestly the loveliest dog you will meet and he was just completely ruined by humans. We are so proud of him and how far he has come and just want a home for him that will help put his sad past behind him and help him continue to grow. He came from a home with very young children that were not properly monitored around him so we don’t want this to happen again, although he is good with kids we would like a child free home. Although Dillon is now good with dogs we would ideally like him to be the only dog so that he continues to get 1-2-1 focus from his owner and minimise any stress. We can provide many videos of Dillon around kids, dogs etc etc and anyone interested in homing him will need to meet him and his trainer in Ramsgate, Kent to make sure that he is the dog for them. We also welcome a telephone conversation with his trainer before any meet and greets.

We really hope his past does not put someone off adopting him, you really need to meet him to see what a little gem of a dog he is.

The rescue will be fulling supporting an adopter for the rest of Dillons life as we really want him to finally find a human that will not let him down. He is a small boy so won’t take up too much room. Please ONLY apply if you are willing to carry on the techniques he is used to and that are working for him

Please get in touch if you could that happy ever after we are looking for. We are all desperately rooting for Dillon. If you cant adopt please share this post.

Thank you

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