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**Available to meet in Kent**
Meet 2 year old chihuahua cross Dora,
It is hard to know where to start with Dora when writing an adoption advert as she is just so very special. Dora is probably the most inoffensive dog we have ever had in and gets along well with dogs of all shapes and sizes and also cats. If a dog has a go at her she just walks off and doesn’t react, she really is so easy to have around. She does enjoy playing with other dogs and for this reason we would like to see her in a home with at least 1 other dog. We would best describe Dora as a good all rounder! She can be hesitatant with new people for about ten seconds then she will give you a big cuddle. She will also shower you with kisses when you get home and spin around with happiness to see you and a make the best squeaking noses! She also adores a toy box and will spend many hours a day playing with her toys!
Dora is also very very cuddly, she will sleep next to you on the sofa/ bed and give the absolute best cuddles and affection, she really is just perfect. This little lady is really good off lead and on lead and in the car and enjoys long cross country walks, so a semi active / active home is ideal for her as she really does enjoy the fresh air. She especially enjoys sunning herself in the garden! She is good on lead and in the car. She came to us a little shy but she now has no problem walking down crowded beaches, playing with kids etc she doesn’t go up to new people for a fuss but if you offer her a treat she will . At home Dora is a snuggle bug and will curl up on your lap or under the covers and cuddle all night long . She’s the perfect mixture of playful, loving and calm.
We would prefer no very very young kids for Dora so age 7+ is fine. Like all of our disabled dogs, Dora has suffered a broken spine so is incontinent and wears nappies. She requires an adopter who is able to empty her bladder 3-4 times a day (it takes about 2 minutes to do and is very simple) – all adopters get full training with us on how to do this, its pretty easy once you know how and she is a small pooch so its nice and easy to do. Adopters will need to be able to come and visit her more than once so we can show them how to do this. She comes with a £700 custom made wheelchair, custom made playsuits worth up to £120, nappies and everything else you need to start her off at home. We will absolutely consider first time disabled dog owners for Dora due to her easy nature and easy bladder emptying. Adopters will get absolutely everything they need for her and not at all be left to care for Dora without any training and accessories. Disabled dogs aren’t overly expensive to keep the regular expenses are children nappies (we use supermarket own brands so its very cheap and joint supplements) Dora does NOT need a wheelchair inside the house she lifts her bum up and runs around just fine .
Dora is a small girl and you can lift her up nice an easy with one hand so she is very easy to change and look after. Please only apply for Dora if you are at home a fair bit and can change her nappies regularly.
This girl is SO SO very special with an unbelievable amount of love to give and she is an ABSOLUTE JOY to be around. She can be left alone and isn’t destructive, she loves her bones and soft toys and is so very grateful to have been rescued.
She is available to meet in Chartham Hatch Kent !
Home check and adoption fees apply
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