Interested in adopting?

Say hello to the stunning Fiona,

She is 1 years old and sadly has been in the shelter for 90% of her life and has been heavily overlooked and sadly other cases have been priority. It’s now time to get sharing and help us find Fiona a place to call her very own, something she has never had in life.

Fiona is a shy cat, probably very likely due to being in a kennel environment and we do really think she will become more of a lap cat. She doesn’t hiss, bite or scratch she’s just shy and this is due to lack of handling. In a nice quiet, kind and understanding home she will 100% be far more of a cuddle monster.

This lady is very good with other cats and can live in a multi cat home no bother or be equally fine as the only pet. She can also be dog tested on request. We would prefer a home with no young children for Fiona just to give her the best chance possible at coming out of her shell. She is house trained, healthy, neutered vaccinated etc etc and in our Euro shelter ready to travel direct to a UK forever home.

Please get in touch if you can finally offer this girl the happy ending she deserves, she has spent her entire life in a shelter !


Home check and adoption fees apply

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