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**Available to meet in Essex**
Meet 1 year old Loki. A sweet boy that was handed in by his owner due to him needing luxating patella surgery on his legs and they had cancelled their pet insurance.
£5000 later he is now ready to fly the nest with no future health concerns. He is currently in foster with one of the team in Essex and her other two pooches who he loves tumbling around with!
This is what his foster has to say about Loki:
“Loki is a wonderful dog. An absolute joy to have around and a real sweetheart. Loki is easy to train, intelligent and aims to please. He loves nothing more than cuddles and the odd play.
Loki is toilet trained and crate trained. Loki walks very well on lead and given some bonding time could be a great off-lead dog too. Further training will be needed for simple commands like sit (due to leg operations we were unable to train these as it would have been painful for him)
Loki is very adventurous and active, so an active home is ideal. Loki loves the company of other dogs. As Loki is young, a home with another dog would be great so his training can continue and allow him to burn off some energy playing. He does chase cats.
Loki has been around children as young as 2 and is absolutely great with her. When first entering foster he displayed signs that he could develop issues guarding very young children. (Became nippy towards my husband when he tickled he young child). Given correction and further training on this there has been no repeat of this. But due to this a home with children over 7 is ideal, but visiting younger children are fine. An experienced dog owner who would be able to notice signs should they reoccur and correct this would be the only exception to homing with a very young child.
Loki is very much like his name (mischievous) and very entertaining. Especially the noises he makes when he becomes playful. He is a big cuddle monster and would make a great addition to any home”
He is available to meet in Essex
Home check and adoption fees apply ❤
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