Toby – Essex – foster home only

Interested in adopting?

**Available to meet in Essex, LONG TERM FOSTER HOME NEEDED**

Meet Toby, a boy that has been in rescue for over 2 Years now!!! He has had such a hard time in his short life. He was originally adopted as a stray puppy by someone who then did not walk him for 4 years and he just lived in her kitchen. He then became frightened of the outside world. On top of this he had a lot of trauma with men as a puppy (was badly hit) which made him that little bit more frightened. He was a big job for the rescue but we feel we have finally got him to a place where he can live a normal/happy life in the right forever home.

Anyone wanting to foster Toby needs to read this ad very carefully before applying and anyone who does apply will be put in touch with his trainer first to talk on the phone and see if it is a match. Adopters will have Toby’s trainer for support for life also to make sure he continues to grow in confidence.

He has been in residential boarding with our male trainer who he has grown to trust (this has taken a long time) but still has a fear of new men and just hides /avoids them. Any men in his new home needs to be calm and never get angry with him and accept that he will not interact with them for some time and they would just need to ignore him, he will come around eventually and will ask for affection when he trusts you.

Toby is 5/6 years young. He is house trained, good around other dogs, lead trained and can be left alone without any issues. He is an extremely quiet dog . He enjoys a fuss and a belly rub on the sofa and is a very laid back boy at home once he is comfortable. He will need a home that is not in a busy area as Toby likes the quieter walks. Toby travels well in the car!

This is what Toby’s trainer says about him:
“A gentle soul who needs a quiet home, but he now is enjoying his time outdoors on walks but still hesitant.. He comes now to get his harness on but this has to be fitted slowly and calmly to not scare him. If you want to know how he is feeling look at his ears, when they are up he is happy and loving life and when they are folded back he is feeling shy and will ask you for a belly rub by pawing at you.

He loves his food and is currently being fed a raw diet, he cleans the bowl out every time. He is lead walking now but may never be an off lead dog due to his nervous tendencies but he does walk at my heel reliably and never tries to bolt. Toby has so much love to give but does need a lot of patience to start with and a home with experience is a essential. He doesn’t know how to play properly around men but is very gentle…when he is with women only I have seen signs of him beginning to play, but again this has taken an extremely long time to vet to. This is an extremely special dog to me and is truly deserving of a place to call home”
This may seem like a long list of requirements but it is essential Toby has the correct placement going forward, he is not a difficult dog at all, in fact for some people he would be a perfect dog. But he needs a calm household who will enjoy this cheeky chap, its been a pleasure watching him grow every day and with regular walks he will grow even more. Homes with children will not be considered. Anyone wanting Toby will need to come and meet him a few times before being able to take him home. Toby is around 15kg.

Please get in touch if you can be that final happy ever after for our special boy. Its been SO Long now and we really want to see him with a family of his own.


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