Mika and Mage – Kent – Indoor cats

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Meet 11 month old Mika and Madge,
Two sister absolutely adoring of each other and of humans. Both had such a hard start to life but are flourishing in foster and are going to make someone very very happy.
Mika was a little shyer than Madge to begin with but she has since come out of her shell and loves a good cuddle. Madge is just a complete loon and is ready for your love 24/7. Both are incredibly bonded so we do not wish to split them up. Mika has a small amount double vision (this won’t affect her future health or incur an adopter any costs – her eye health is good she just has some double vision due to being cross eyed) .
Here is what their foster has to say about this lovely duo
These girls like playing – with toys, each other and cardboard boxes! They both love their food and make us laugh every day. Madge likes to be wherever we are. She’s a lap cat that loves cuddles. Mika is more sensitive but still super affectionate on her own terms and loves snoozing in cat beds.
Both cats get along with other cats, could live with a very calm dog and calm children. Anyone wanting to adop these cats must have a decent home space and plenty of cat toys / trees and things for them to do given they can’t go outside . A catio would be the dream but we understand not everyone has one.
These girls are originally from our Romanian shelter and are ready to meet in Canterbury kent. Both are healthy, neutered, vaccinated , chipped and come with 5 weeks free pet insurance.
Please get in touch via natalia@florisfriendsrescue.org if these are the girls for you.
Home check and adoption fees apply
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