Meet our VERY special survivor, Penny.

This girl is for someone who truly wants to rescue a soul in need.

She was brought in with a horrific case of mange (see photos). She must have been in so much pain.

Here we are now a few months on and she is fully recovered with a clean bill of health. A lot of hard work has gone into Penny and we would love to see her in a home where she can finally begin to enjoy life.

Penny is 2 and she is absolutely fantastic with other dogs and cats. Sadly she is nervous of people although completely unaggressive (you can touch her, stroke her, pick her up, administer medication and she will not react aggressively, just very timid)

We REALLY hope that she is not overlooked due to her colour and shy nature because in the right home she will no doubt flourish.

She requires a home with at least 1 other confident resident dog and a home who has experience in shy natured dogs. If someone out there could just give this poor little soldier a chance at finally having to stop looking over her shoulder we would be so unbelievably happy. Penny really deserves it and we have no doubt that she does, in fact, have a lot of love to give, she doesn’t have a bad bone in her she is just a scared little girl. We really don’t want to see her in kennels over the winter months

Penny will stay a smallish size (12kg) and now has a full bill of health.

Please get in touch if you can offer this girl hope at a happy life