Pumpkin and Pepper – Kent

Interested in adopting?

Meet our two sisters Pumpkin and Pepper,

These girlies are around 11-12 months old and a bundle of joy to have around. Both are well socialised cats and can live with others cats and also calm dogs and calm children.


This is what their fosters have to say about them:


Pumpkin is very chatty, curious and likes being the centre of attention, she loves cuddles, snuggles and pets but can get a little over excited at times and give you a love nibble, but only does it once if you don’t react.


Pepper is super sweet and loves sitting on your lap, she is definitely a lap cat. Both vats love playing with their toys and are very loving and sweet. Anyone adopting these two will be very lucky !


Both cats are neutered, healthy, vaccinated chipped etc and MUST go to a home with a cat flap not near any busy main roads. They are available to meet in Canterbury, Kent. They truly are lovely pair!

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