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Meet 8 year old Rex,

A super sad story of a dog who had a totally miserable life who is in need of a very special person to love him. Rex started his life being trained with fear to be a security dog – he was withheld food and beaten until he did what was asked of him. Rex did NOT want to be a security dog and ended up being no good at his “job” and just ended up frightened so after a number of years of being basically abused, ended up in a rescue kennel where he stayed nearly 2 years. The rescue he was with didn’t know what to do with Rex so booked him in for euthanasia. 

A volunteer trainer at this rescue approached us and explained that Rex wasn’t a bad boy and just needed a chance outside of 4 concrete walls to decompress and feel safe. After reading Rex’s story and seeing how bedraggled and sad he looked we took him in and boarded him with our resident trainer Harry where he has been for quite some time now. Rex has shown himself to be what we thought he was, a real character with love to give that needs that specific home to show him a real life – how sad it is that his life will now begin at 8 years old. 

So, there is a criteria for Rex that may make him look like an awful dog to be around but he really is not it’s just us covering all bases to make sure the perfect match is found for him. Rex requires a home with no children and no other dogs. He is very happy wearing his muzzle (he has been properly trained to wear it and he really doesn’t even know its on). The muzzle is used out on walks as a safety precaution with other dogs – although he has accepted the other dogs at the trailers we would not risk any accidents given his past. He walks fine on the lead and can be taken out in quieter areas for walks. 

Rex is very well crate trained (in an XXL crate) where he is super happy to nap and chill out when required. He is to go in this crate when visitors come, again for safety. Rex has NEVER bitten anyone at the rescue but we are just putting things in place as precautions again ad we have never put him in a situation where he feels he needs to defend himself. The way to win this fella round is with the groom brush, Rex will do anything for a brush, he goes mad and absolutely melts for anyone holding a groom brush. If you have regular visitors that you want Rex to get to know gradually all you do is pop his muzzle on and get the groom brush out and after a few visits he isn’t as unsure. It is important to stress here Rex isn’t an “aggression” guard dog he is genuinely just a dog spoilt by humans that has become nervous. He will however alert guard the home and let you know when someone’s arrived or intruding. With his “handler” Rex is a total love bug so really will be an amazing one man dog for someone. 

His trainer says he is the loveliest boy in the right hands and just likes to play tug of war, do some zoomies, have a short walks and chill! He was completely misunderstood before and is nowhere near as awful as he was made out to be. His best home would be with someone with a garden, experienced with nervous German shepherd types and older and “more settled”. 

We know this seems like a lot of criteria but if there is someone out there who is experienced and wanting a one man dog, Rex is your boy. He really really deserves this, all of his problems are human inflicted and the poor dog has been so lost in his 8 years of life. 

Rex is in Hounslow and available to meet, or anyone interested can just have a telephone chat with his trainer for further info. He really does have more to give to the right home. 

Please get in touch with us via 0800 002 5052 if you could be the person to show him what love is again. 

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