Shelly – in Kent

**Available to meet in Birchington, Kent**

Is this the countries unluckiest dog?! she has been in rescue for two years!!!!

Calling all GSD lovers that really want to truly rescue a dog… meet Shelly. She has just turned 5, is 32kg and fit and healthy.She has watched so many dogs come and go and still not one person has asked for her! She really deserves a place to call home.

She is a cracker of a dog who has so much love to give. She adores her handlers and once she knows you she is such a bundle of joy. Shelly generally likes all humans (especially women), can be a bit shy of men for 5 mins but if you ignore her she soon gives over and comes for a fuss. She is a typical GSD and loyal to the core and takes pride in being a companion animal. Shelly has just learnt to play with toys and likes a little play with some of the other dogs in foster. She is generally playful girl and has a fair bit of bounce to her when she is excited to see you or wants to play.

Shelly is toilet trained, lead trained, neutered vaccinated and comes with her own pet passport. She arrived with utoextremely thin and underweight and now she has become fit and healthy.She knows sit, wait, paw and walks nicely on a lead.

Shelly comes from a kill shelter where dogs are bundled into tiny kennels and left to fend for themselves so can be unsure of new dogs (dogs she has met before  and introduced to properly she is great with). On walks she will ignore passing dogs in the distance but any dogs that come up in her face when she is on lead she becomes vocal becomes vocal  (shelly has never bitten one and she has met some really bouncy, in her face dogs). Once the initial vocalisation is over and you let her go and play she is fine but again, she needs strong handler that can accept her GSD nature and that she can be gobby with other dogs.

Anyone who adopts Shelly will get free support from our behaviourist. Her ideal home will be with someone who has experience in GSDs or has had a rescue dog with some small issues before. She needs careful guidance when settling in and a firm owner who can put her at ease when she feels overwhelmed. She is crate trained and is crated when visitors enter and let out once everyone has come in and settled – adopters MUST continue this routine with her as she feels safe and secure this way and really enjoys new people when she feels safe. A home with a LARGE high energy bouncy dog will not be suited to Shelly (unless the owner is experienced), she is a calm girl that needs either another clam dog , a small dog or to be the only dog.

In the right hands, this girl is going to flourish. Please get in touch with us if you would like to come and meet Shelly!