Meet Happy,

A lovely little lady who despite her hardships is always Happy! She has come from a very nasty environment in a kill shelter where most of you may know dogs are treated pretty badly. . . but Happy has never once given up hope and continues to try and make the most of life as an unwanted dog in a bad situation.

She is only 10kg, 35-40cm tall and 1 year old. She is good with other dogs and is a social little lady. Happy is extremely happy when she is out of the kennel and in the doggy playground. She is not highly active but also not lazy so would still enjoy some decent walks.

Happy is good with humans and will gladly accept a treat and a fuss but can be shy with men (understandably after being handled so poorly by dog catchers) - she is not skittish but can, if approached and cornered, turn around and become shy. She does not show any aggression at all she just avoids a little and we are sure with a bit of practice and time with patient owner she will more than easily come around to regular contact with men.

This girl is TRULY one in a million with her zest for life and determination to not ever give up at finding happiness, she will make someone an absolutely smashing companion.

She requires an adopter with the time and patience to settle in train a street dog and understand that she will need 110% commitment and as many rescues, may have some small hurdles to overcome.

Please get in touch with us i you can offer this girl a forever home of her own. She is in our Romanian shelter and ready to travel to a UK forever home