Bramble in his new home

Bramble came to us last year after suffering paralysis due to a broken spine and then unfortunately having to deal with a number of healing issues.

His adopters Chloe and Stephen have provided us with an update on how he’s settling in to his new life with them:

Bramble has become a valued part of our small town since he came to us; every morning walking his way through the high street saying hello to all the local business owners and children on their walk to school.

Like most of us he has had his challenges. He is certainly not a fan of Christmas crackers, yet fireworks are okay. People are allowed to enter the house, but we are not allowed to leave without a stern telling off! Not to mention that Bramble is a massive fan of exploring new places but not so much the car journey to get there.

Bramble is making it clear that he has just as much of a personality as anyone else in this house. His persistence to make the neighbour’s cat be his friend, even when the cat was not a fan, is just one example of how much of a strong character this special dog is; On several days now you can expect to find him on the sofa with the neighbour’s cat, sitting watching Pokémon, thinking about the amazing day he has just had rather than the nightmare years he faced before we had the pleasure to meet him. Only time will tell what great steps he will take next, but we all, as his new family, look forward to seeing him grow.

Bramble with his cart
Bramble with his cart
Bramble with his owner
Bramble with Chloe

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