Could you Fundraise for Flori’s?

If you can spare the time to support us from 21st June, the government hopes to be in a position to remove all legal limits on social contact. This will have a positive impact on everyone and it means if you wish to fundraise for us, it will be much easier to do so.

Runners, walkers and cyclers will be out and about, if you want to support us by arranging a group event that would be amazing. Walking events are great as you can arrange one and include your dogs too.

If the great outdoors is not for you, there are plenty of other options you can have a clear out and sell you old items on e-bay or at a car boot sale, selling cakes is always popular with everyone and can raise a good amount, if you are brave, you can Skydive and if you are even braver you can shave your head!

If you want to choose a healthy option you can give up smoking, take a break from alcohol for a month or lose weight.

If you have missed the social aspect, you could organise a cheese and wine night invite your friends around and get them to donate what they would have spent on a night out, maybe throw in a bit of karaoke. If you want to involve your children set up an ice cream bar in your garden and invite their friends around for an afternoon of fun and charge a small entry fee.

If you fancy some new clothes, arrange a night in and ask your friends to bring some good items of clothing that they no longer wear and pay an agreed amount for the item you take away with you.

The list is endless but if you would like to help us and need some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us no amount is too small and every penny you raise will go towards helping the dogs and cats we rescue and help them find their forever homes.

If you are organising an event the best way to fundraise is to set up a JustGiving page just select Flori`s Friends Rescue as your chosen charity.

If you prefer to do this offline, we can supply you with a sponsorship form, just e-mail with the details of the event you are organising.

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