Guide to keeping you and your dog safe on the beach

Although we are at the end of summer, we know a lot of dog owners like to walk their dogs on the beach and so we we thought this sensible advice was worth sharing as its applicable all year round.

  • Always ensure you are aware of weather conditions and make sure the sand is not too hot; even temperatures a low as 21C can cause heatstroke in dogs. If you can stand comfortably barefoot on the sand, then it’s ok for your dogs to walk on – always check first.
  • You should never let your dog drink sea water as if they do it can cause saltwater poisoning and sickness.
  • Always check the time of the tides if you are visiting a new area to avoid your dog (and you!) getting stranded if it is off the lead and a distance away from you. Its helpful to beware that RNLI treat pets the same as humans so if you need their help, you can call 112 or 999.

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