Keeping vaccinations up to date

Just a reminder that it is important to continue to give your animal’s their vaccinations. Dogs and cats should be vaccinated from the age of nine weeks and to keep your dog vaccinated throughout its life.

  • Dogs should receive booster vaccinations every 12 months.
  • Leptospirosis vaccination is required annually.
  • Kennel cough vaccinations can be administered separately or in conjunction with other dog vaccines. This is a useful one to have if dogs are going into kennels or if they meet lots of other dogs in the park.
  • Cats are vulnerable to infectious diseases that can seriously affect their health and welfare and a lot of these are viral infections which can limit life or trigger a lifetime of chronic illness. These damaging diseases cause a range of symptoms in cats such as eye and mouth ulceration, inflammation of the respiratory system and gut, cancer, and reduced immunity. These complex diseases are difficult to manage and have a huge negative impact on cats.

If in doubt, speak to your vet.

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