Meet our Animal Welfare Manager – Erin

This month, we spoke to our Animal Welfare Manager, Erin, to find out how she got involved with Flori’s and how she helps our rescues to find their forever homes.

“I discovered Flori’s Friends Rescue in 2018 after seeing a video online. A beautiful dog, hopping along on the streets of Macedonia, begging for food with a broken front leg, clearly in pain. Two and a half years later, that dog is laid beside me. He’s called Finn; he’s my best friend.

“I was amazed by the levels of care and support Flori’s provided, so offered to volunteer for their support team. I made regular follow-up phone contact with adopters, ensuring all was well, giving advice and support.

“In 2019, I began fostering for Flori’s; they’d started rescuing special needs cases. I fostered Nellie, a pup who’d just had surgery to amputate both rear legs — she was found paralysed. I cared for her 24/7, changing nappies, cleaning wounds, getting her on her own wheels. I adopted Nellie and continued to foster special needs dogs. Fostering is vital, as the charity doesn’t currently have a shelter and relies on volunteers to care for the animals at home until they’re adopted.

“As Flori’s grew, I began supporting them with admin work; now I am the Animal Welfare Manager for Flori’s. I oversee the home-check process and manage the support team of 60 volunteers. My role is to ensure our animals go to the right homes, receiving the care and love they deserve. I truly love my job and, had I not initially volunteered just 10 minutes a week, I wouldn’t be here.”

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for Flori’s, please get in touch for more information.

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