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2 year old Autumn is an absolutely heart-breaking story.

She was found crawling the street paralysed after being hit by a car and heavily pregnant. We immediately rushed to her rescue and provided her with all the medical care she needed. She underwent her rear double amputation and started enjoying life on a wheelchair, running around with all the other dogs at the rescue.

Once her rehab was finished, we found Autumn a home but the week before she was meant to join her loving new family she started walking differently. Once again, we rushed her to the vets and x-rayed her front legs and sadly it was the worst news possible. Autumn’s chest was crushing her front legs (due to poor breeding) and she was now deemed medically on “end of life”.

Autumn is now on daily pain relief and anti-inflammatories and is in end-of-life foster with one of our Trustee’s, Sam, until the time comes that she can no longer stand and we will have to make the sad decision to let her go with dignity.

Until that time comes, by sponsoring Autumn you can help us to provide her with her daily medication, lots of fun toys and treats and nappies as she is incontinent.

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