Ava- Kirkwall, Orkney

Interested in adopting?

Meet the stunning 5 year old, long haired German shepherd, Ava.

Sadly Ava recently lost her whole world when her owner died and other family members were unable to offer Ava a place to call home due to commitments. They are however, very kindly keeping her safe and loved until we can find her a new place to call home.

Ava is a classic GSD type, lovable, adoring of humans, cuddly, enjoys a fuss and has a general all round good temperament. She can live with children with no problem and is also fine with cats! She really likes her home comforts and likes to sit with you for cuddles. She is a loyal girl who is just a smasher of a dog.

She is house trained, healthy, neutered etc..she can pull on the lead when seeing other dogs so some work in this area is needed. Ava does bark at other dogs  on walks but has never shown any aggression at all inside or out to them but does takes a short while to settle down. We feel this can be easily corrected with some training. With the correct owners and correct introductions, Ava could live with another calm dog (she has never lived with another dog before but has never shown any kind of aggression to person or animal In her life, she can just be barky with new dogs). We are looking for a GSD / Large breed experienced home for Ava as she needs a decent amount of exercise and LOVES being outdoors and going on long walks.

Ava is truly a gem of a dog and we are so sad she has lost her place to call home, we really hope she can find her forever after soon. With a very small amount of extra training she will be a 10/10 dog. She cannot be faulted for her love , kindness and affection towards all people and we really hope this helps her find her forever home.

She is in Kirkwall, Orkney and available to meet.

Please get in touch if this is the girl for you


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