Interested in adopting?

Cash is a Presa Canario ex stud dog whose owner died. Cash was then placed into a horrible kennel where he did not lift his head for many months. His body became full of sores, his fur fell out and he generally became a shell of a dog.

In 2021, we took the brave leap of taking Cash under our rescue wing and we are very slowly nursing him back to health and showing him what life is all about again. He is a golden oldie with a golden heart, but at such a large size is expensive to feed.


Cash has a lot of food allergies and gets sores in between his paw pads that we have to give him monthly injections for – there is nothing that can be done for cash’s allergies so its just a case of letting him enjoy the last few golden years he has left and keeping him comfy

Sponsoring Cash will really help us towards getting him a brighter future and maybe one day, a forever home.

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