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The gorgeous Fern arrived to us in February 2023 and has blossomed into a confident, happy puppy, a far cry from the nervous wreck she was when she arrived to us.


Fern now uses her wheelchair very well and continues to grow in confidence with strangers (although she still isn’t sure).

Sadly Fern was recently diagnosed with a whole host of issue making her unadaptable and also a huge on going cost to the rescue


She has double elbow dysplasia and is not a candidate for implants – so she will be having a different surgery to keep her comfortable for the limited years she has left (she is only 1)

Due to someone paralysing her at such a young age (4 weeks old) sadly her bones haven’t developed int he correct alignment


Her on going costs are for:

2x weekly hydrotherapy sessions (available to purchase for us under the donate section of our website)

fortnightly physio sessions at £65 a go

Home laser therapy with us

Surgery to keep her comfortable for the next couple of years

Regular x-rays

Pain management


Fern is an INCREDIBLY bright and happy dog and is currently living a FULL quality of life and we intend to keep our promise to her and keep her as happy and comfortable as she is now until the time comes. Unfortunately this comes at a huge cost to the rescue so by sponsoring her, even for a small amount a month will really help ease the burden.

Sponsoring Fern will help us keep her happy, comfortable and receive all the medical care she needs

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