Interested in adopting?

As many of you may have already seen on our social media we recently welcomed Patsy to the Flori’s gang. Patsy has suffered horrific abuse at the hands of humans leaving her with multiple spinal breaks, paralysed and incontinent.

Patsy is a little older so is a slightly longer rehab for us. She currently requires weekly physio to help get her walking again this is because she was paralysed for so long before being found. Her muscles have been over worked so much from not having a wheelchair that this is making it difficult for her to extend her legs forwards to walk. Patsy is also receiving heat therapy and massage EVERY morning to help with this.

This little lady is still requiring her custom made play suits, custom made chair and many other regular vet bill to get her tip top and ready to enjoy life like any other dog.

Please consider sponsoring Patsy, she has been through an incredible amount of trauma and truly deserves a happy ending.

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