Interested in adopting?

8 year old Rex was about to be euthanised when we agreed to take him on.

He is an ex-security dog that was abusively trained. Rex was ONLY fed when he displayed an aggressive behaviour (a highly inhumane way to train a security dog). He also underwent beatings and finally, dumped once he was no longer of use to his handler. As you can imagine Rex is a HUGE challenge for the rescue and he has only just arrived at residential home training with our head trainer. We anticipate Rex to be with us for quite some time while we attempt to kindly rehabilitate him to a place where he understands humans can be kind and he doesn’t need to fight anyone to receive a meal.

We really were Rex’s last chance. It wasn’t his fault he was trained that way and he has been let down every step of the way by every human he has encountered. We will change all of this for Rex and we can finally offer him a safe and secure future.

By sponsoring Rex you are enabling us to show him kindness, love and what we hope will be joy for the remainder of his life.

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