Party Season Survival Kit


All you need to keep your pet calm and relaxed during the party season. This survival kit contains: 1 x 15ml Mini Pet Calming Spray, 1x 60-day Plug-In Diffuser and 3 x Calming Wipes.

From New Year’s Eve, through Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas, this Pet remedy Party Survival Kit has the perfect solution to de-stress and calm your animals throughout the busiest seasons.


Dee and Happy, Stockport

I adopted my beautiful girl Happy from them just over 2 months ago and the support throughout and after the adoption was faultless. I could not recommend Floris more and am so thankful to them for rescuing my baby girl and bringing her into my life.

Alice, Aron and Poppy, Bath

We are so grateful to Flori’s for giving our girl Poppy a second chance at a good life. The support we have had post-adoption has been better than I could have ever imagined. They are a wonderful, selfless charity who are making massive differences to hundreds of animals (and peoples) lives.

Jenna, James and Belle – Glasgow

They brought the most amazing beautiful dog into our lives ❤️ so professional and informative and genuinely care for their animals and where they go. Amazing Charity ❤️

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