Stay cool in the summer – heatstroke in dogs

Although this can happen at any time of the year dogs can suffer a fatal heatstroke within minutes; they are unable to sweat through their skin and have to rely on panting and releasing heat through their paw pads and nose to keep cool and regulate their body temperature.

Dogs who are suffering from heatstroke will pant excessively, dribble and collapse, other signs are drowsiness, weakness, vomiting or diarrhoea, confusion, fitting.

Flat faced, overweight and thick coated dogs are most at risk.

Common causes of heatstroke are:

  • Over-exercising, or exercising on hot days (around 75% of cases)
  • Not being able to cope in hot weather (around 13% of cases)
  • Being in a hot vehicle (around 5% of cases)
  • Being in a hot building (around 3% of cases)

If you believe your dog is suffering, from heat stroke they must be taken to the vet immediately.

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