Smoala the Tar Baby

6 months ago our team found this little 8 weeks old puppy that had been dropped into deep tar and left to die. They instantly pulled her out and rushed her to the shelter for emergency medical care.

She was in a very bad state and her chances of survival were almost zero! The wonderful vet got to work on her immediately and she stayed in recovery at the clinic for five months. She was named Smoala.

Smoala has since made a full recovery and is enjoying life at the shelter with her new friends and is waiting to travel to her forever home in the UK where her new adopters are awaiting her arrival eagerly. She is still a timid girl and will require a to of time and patience to learn to trust again but with the support from our charity behaviourist, we have every faith the adopters will restore her trust in humans.

Please see her finally in her forever home at the end of the gallery!

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