Update on Nutmeg

It is with great sadness we do not have any good news to report with regards to Nutmeg’s recovery. Many of you remember Nutmeg as the girl found on the roadside with a jaw that had completely come off her face. She successfully underwent surgery for this and we thought she was on the road to recovery, until recently, when she unfortunately took a turn for the worst.

This little girl has a whole host of problems we are currently battling with. The main concern we have with Nutmeg is chronic inflammation of the bladder, causing her to urinate blood with no improvement on medication. She is currently receiving 24hour medical care with our founder Natalia, under close supervision from Enrico, our vet. Here’s an insight into her daily care needs at the moment:

• An alarm is set every 60 minutes (including through the night) to change her padding
• Her wounds need to be flushed and powdered every 3 hours (including throughout the night)
• She is being syringe fed medication every 4 hours
• She currently cannot poo for herself and Natalia is having to do this for her

Nutmeg is being kept as comfortable as possible at the moment and we will be trying one last medication next week. Sadly, if this does not work it will be time for her to gain her wings. Unfortunately, this is the heart-breaking side to rescue that many do not see on social media (as we try to keep it as positive as we can). Her small body has been through so much in such a short space of time and Natalia has grown very fond of her. She will continue to be given every chance possible to survive and is being shown love, care and safety to help her try to get through this difficult time. If she does not pull through we can take comfort in the fact she was shown so much love in her last weeks.

If you’d like to donate towards Nutmeg’s care as we give her every chance possible to pull through, you can do so here.

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