What’s Pet Remedy and why do we use it?

Pet Remedy works with the pet’s own natural calming mechanisms by mimicking GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) which is a natural calming agent present in all mammals, reptiles, and birds.

So, when a pet becomes stressed or anxious the Pet Remedy actives help trick fired-up nerve cells into thinking they are getting a message from the brain to calm. Therefore, it starts to help instantly.

The formulation is predominantly Valerian oil based (from Eastern Europe), with small inclusions of Vetiver (from Indonesia), Sweet Basil, (from Europe), and Clary Sage (from France) essential oils.

Many Valerian preparations are too potent and can sedate rather than calm. Pet Remedy is low concentration, and the diffuser delivers a constant slow release, which is very kind and gentle in its effect on the metabolism. Likewise for the calming sprays and wipes which are water based.

We use Pet Remedy a lot when dealing with our rescues as it really helps them to deal with some of the stresses that they have endured and recommend them to anyone with an animal that struggles with anxiety. We now stock the full range of Pet Remedy products in our online shop.

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