As many of you know the lovely Winter arrived to us three months ago. She was unfortunately in very poor condition having not been looked after for a number of years by her previous guardian. After getting her general condition up, she was fit and well enough to undergo rehabilitation.

Sadly a number of weeks later, Winter started passing blood. This did not clear up after a course of antibiotics, so we further investigated with a number of scans and laboratory tests. Unfortunately it was found that Winter’s sphincter was not working; a muscle which contracts and relaxes as required for normal physiological functioning. In Winter’s case, the muscle was not contracting, leaving her with an open line of entry for bacteria to enter the body 24/7.

In cases like these there is sadly no treatment and the rescue was devastated to learn she had just weeks to live. Over the next three weeks Winter was given as much fun, love and care as she could have ever imagined. She had fish and chips on the beach, Christmas Day five weeks early and visited all the fun places she could have ever dreamed of.

It was decided to keep her alive for all the time she was eating, happy, walking and not in any discomfort. However, on November 21st, Winter woke up and did not eat her breakfast. She became lethargic and wouldn’t even take any steak from Natalia come the afternoon. The decision was made that day to say goodbye to Winter before she endured any suffering or pain and she fell asleep on the sofa surrounded by her doggie and human family after a visit from a home euthanasia company.

Sadly, we cannot always win every case but we are so happy and honoured that her last months were spent with us where she truly experienced what real love and happiness was. She was an incredible dog and will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her.

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