Welcome to Flori's Friends Rescue

Flori’s Friends is a much needed lifeline for abused and neglected animals across the UK and Europe. We offer them hope; alongside a happy, healthy and safe future, thanks to our amazing network of adopters and supporters.

We're delighted to become a Pet Remedy Rescue Partner

This means that each time you purchase from their charity shop they will match every item you buy and send it directly to us!

Disabled Dog Specialists

Whilst we also rescue hundreds of able-bodied animals, we are a specialist rehabilitation centre for disabled and mobility impaired animals.

Ways You Can Support Us


When you adopt from us, you are always fully supported to ensure your new family member settles in. You will have access to a trained specialist 24/7 for the entirety of your pet's life and the option to join our amazing adopters' club.


We are 100% reliant on the donations of our supporters to be able to do the work we do. Every penny we receive goes towards ensuring we can rescue, treat and rehome more animals in need, in order to give them the life they deserve.


Sometimes we rescue animals that have such complex needs, it can mean a long term stay with us. These are often the ones that other charities won’t help. By sponsoring these animals, you are making it possible for us to give them a second chance.


We are always in need of help to raise funds to continue the lifesaving work that we do. If you would like to organise your own fundraising event, please do get in touch. No matter how small, every little helps us to achieve our goals.

Shop at Pets at Home

You can now earn Lifelines for us each time you shop at Pets at Home, the Groom Room, Vets 4 Pets or Companion Care. Simply join their free VIP scheme to help us buy essentials to care for our rescues whenever you treat your precious pet.


We rely on foster carers to provide temporary homes for our rescues until they can be rehomed. If you think you could be that critical first step towards a better life, then please get in touch for more information.

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Want to win money whilst saving lives?

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Dee and Happy, Stockport

I adopted my beautiful girl Happy from them just over 2 months ago and the support throughout and after the adoption was faultless. I could not recommend Floris more and am so thankful to them for rescuing my baby girl and bringing her into my life.

Alice, Aron and Poppy, Bath

We are so grateful to Flori’s for giving our girl Poppy a second chance at a good life. The support we have had post-adoption has been better than I could have ever imagined. They are a wonderful, selfless charity who are making massive differences to hundreds of animals (and peoples) lives.

Jenna, James and Belle – Glasgow

They brought the most amazing beautiful dog into our lives ❤️ so professional and informative and genuinely care for their animals and where they go. Amazing Charity ❤️

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