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Flori's Friends Rescue

Flori’s Friends is a much needed lifeline for abused and neglected animals, offering them hope, alongside a happy, healthy and safe future, thanks to our amazing network of adopters and supporters.

We specialise in trauma and neglect cases, with 70% of our dogs having been subjected to excruciating pain and injury/torture. 50% of them come from killing stations in Europe. Dogs that end up in these places are either severely abused and mishandled, or destroyed using inhumane treatments such as being hit around the head with hammers or injected with paint stripper.

Disabled dog with wheelchair

We also take in many unwanted and neglected dogs and cats from across the UK. These have been abused or abandoned and in need of someone to show them some love. This includes trapping many colonies of stray cats and kittens and rehabilitating them into pets.

As a UK registered charity, we have rescued over 1500 animals from across Britain and Europe, providing health care, rehabilitation, training and the loving new home that each one deserves.

Operating a strict ‘no-kill’ policy, we work with both disabled dogs and those with behavioural problems, to fully rehabilitate them, getting them wheelchairs and behavioural therapy to allow them to enjoy their life just like any other dog. This often means taking the ones that other charities will not touch and working with them, no matter how long it takes, to give them a second chance to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

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