Update on Autumn

Many of you may recognise this beautiful 2 year old soul who we found crawling the streets pregnant AND paralysed some time ago. It was a truly heart-breaking case and we never expected Autumn to be so loving and happy. 

We spent months and thousands of pounds rehabilitating this girl . She had a bilateral rear leg amputation and was fitted with a custom wheelchair and
was all set to go to her forever home . After all the suffering she endured we thought this was it…finally Autumn could be happy now. However, about a week or so before she was due to leave us, she stopped being able to walk properly. We immediately rushed her to the vets and x-rayed both front legs which sadly showed that her chest cavity was too large for her little tiny legs and we were told it was only a matter of months until she wouldn’t even be able to stand and we would have to euthanise her. Autumn did not get to go to her forever home.

She has since been living at the rescue and the team have been desperately searching for a solution to prolong this girl’s life, given that she is incredibly loving, happy, bouncy and full of life. Sadly after a lot of discussion with our orthopaedics team all we can do for Autumn is fit her with some leg supports (which we have just ordered), make sure she continues with her hydrotherapy and just let her enjoy what time she now has left. Unfortunately she cannot walk on a wheelchair as her front just does not allow for the imbalanced weight.

Autumn now spends her days in her garden pants wandering round the orchard with her pals and just like magic, an end of life foster family have come forward to offer her all the love and happiness she could ever wish for. We don’t know exactly how long Autumn has left but we are sure she will be incredibly happy for every single moment. Many of you may have seen her videos on our social media accounts. If you haven’t yet, please do take a look as it will brighten up anyone’s day.

We would like to thank all of the amazing people that have supported her so far. She is still on our SPONSOR section of the website as the rescue will continue to cover all of her weekly costs such as pain relief, hydrotherapy and other medications she requires.

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