Daily life at Flori’s Friends Rescue

Many of you see our social media updates, but there are so many things our team don’t have time to post each day. We thought we would give you a little insight into what we do on a day to day basis with our mobility animals.

Each mobility dog and cat receives a round of laser treatment from our staff. This takes around 6 minutes per animal and on average we have 9 animals to do in a morning.

Many animals in surgical recovery require daily exercises and these are done by our team usually on a coffee break! There are around 4-6 animals a day that require specialist exercises, in particular weight shifting.

The paralysed dogs require their bladders to be emptied upon waking up, at lunch time and before bed.

Two days a week some of our mobility animals attend hydrotherapy.

Once a fortnight our physiotherapist visits our cats and dogs and gives physio to those that need it most, in particular animals recovering from surgery or animals with more serious ailments such as Fern and Giselle.

Natalia and Kylie have been trained in canine massage and give daily massages to those with muscular issues (under weekly physio guidance).

Twice a day the animals are administered their medicine and vitamins. Many are on daily pain relief whilst in recovery or those that have long term serious ailments.

Once a month many of our paralysed dogs receives a librella joint injection. Even though we receive these at a discounted rate it is still £72 per dog.

The above care is just a small drop in the ocean with regards to daily care and required funding. Flori’s Friends takes on the very worst cases and they do require an exceptional amount of management and care to either keep them happy long term or to get them fully recovered and ready for homes. We hope this little snippet of what our days can look like shows the love and dedication this rescue has for animals with mobility issues and we thank everyone who continues to support our work.

If you can spare any money to donate to the work that we do, no matter how small, every penny really does count. Thank you.

*Photo credit JLM Veterinary Physiotherapy

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