Lucy Eruero

Tick on a dog

Guide to managing Ticks

Ticks are spider-like small parasites that suck blood from other animals and are rife at this time of the year! These nasty critters have eight legs, with an egg-shaped body that will become larger and darker when filled with blood. Unlike fleas, they don’t fly or jump. Instead, they climb or drop onto your pet’s …

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Update on Autumn

Many of you may recognise this beautiful 2 year old soul who we found crawling the streets pregnant AND paralysed some time ago. It was a truly heart-breaking case and we never expected Autumn to be so loving and happy.  We spent months and thousands of pounds rehabilitating this girl . She had a bilateral rear …

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Bramble in his new home

Bramble came to us last year after suffering paralysis due to a broken spine and then unfortunately having to deal with a number of healing issues. His adopters Chloe and Stephen have provided us with an update on how he’s settling in to his new life with them: Bramble has become a valued part of …

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Florence as a puppy

How it all began…

Ever wondered how Flori’s Friends Rescue came to being? Find out how our founder Natalia’s experience of adopting puppy Florence led to the rescue and rehabilitation of over 1500 animals. And plans for what’s next!


Update on Nutmeg

Unfortunately in this business, things don’t always go as well as we hope they will and currently things are not looking so good for poor little Nutmeg.

Read about what this girl has been through and what we’re doing to try and keep her comfortable.

Can you give Willow a new home?

Meet baby Willow, found crawling the dirty streets with her siblings, motherless, hungry and exhausted. Little Willow has been gently nurtured back to health by Team Flori and is now looking for a family to call her very own. This lovely little lady has so much love to give and really enjoys affection from humans …

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Peaches gaining strength and weight

Meet Peaches

Peaches has spent her whole life tied to a short chain, starved and beaten day in, day out – she is 8 years old and has spent all her life enduring a living hell. Find out how she’s doing now.

Gift Aid logo

Gift Aid – an easy way to help us raise more money if you are a UK Taxpayer

Gift Aid is an easy way to help us to raise more money. It allows charities to claim an extra 25p from HMRC for every £1 donated by most UK taxpayers and it makes a huge difference to us, without costing you a single penny extra. If you’d like us to be able to do this on any donations you make to us, find out how, here.

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